Five Friday Faves: December 19th

Happy Friday! Have any fun plans this weekend? Other than relaxing and a work event I have tomorrow, I’m hoping to go ice skating sometime this weekend too! Even though I seriously lack any sort of grace and pretty much hang onto the wall the entire time, I still love ice skating especially during the holidays! Alright, let’s get into some things I’ve been loving this week and last week!

Peppermint Bark Coffee1. Peppermint Bark Coffee: For me, there’s nothing like a hot chocolate or other hot holiday beverage to really make it feel like the holidays. I went in search of a peppermint coffee so I didn’t spend my life savings on Peppermint Mochas at Starbucks this year and found this one at Marshalls! It seriously smells JUST like Christmas and was only like $5!

New Girl2. New Girl: How has it taken me this long to get into this show?! I started watching it a little over 2 weeks ago on Netflix and I’m already on Season 4 (I know, I have no life). An added bonus is that Ed loves the show too! Anyone else watch? Who is your favorite character? I really love Nick and Schmidt!

Entertainment Center3. My entertainment center: I think I told you guys a while back that Ed and I were building our own entertainment center because we couldn’t find a new one that we loved in our price range. Well, here is the finished product! I’m kind of in love with it. It was a somewhat long process to make, but it was worth it in the end! Let me know if you want me to go through how we made it exactly?

Fabletics Gaviota Capri & Versatile Cap4. Fabletics workout capris and hat: I have been drooling over these capris on the Fabletics site for at least 6 months now, but each time I went to order them they never had my size! I checked again a couple of weeks ago and lucked out! They’re so cute in person too and the material is SUPER thick so you won’t have any underwear showing mishaps. I also got the running hat in black to keep the sun out of my eyes when I run. Love them both!

New Camera5. New camera: I ordered this Nikon camera from Target during their Black Friday sale and am so glad I did! I’m still rocking an iPhone 4s, so the camera quality on my phone is subpar to say the least. Now, I can finally take decent pics of all of our San Diego adventures. Side note: It took me a good minute to figure out how to take a picture of my camera. That’s pretty sad, right?

One thing you’re loving this week?
Anyone else watch New Girl? Fave character?

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December Catch Up

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been totally MIA for the past couple of weeks. Truthfully, I don’t really have an excuse for why I took a break from blogging other than I felt like I just really needed a mental break to collect myself and my thoughts. Adjusting to the west coast has been a little more difficult than I thought it would be. It’s been kind of weird being so far away from everything and everyone I know, but I’m hoping I’ll start feeling more like myself here soon…

So, let’s catch up, shall we? I’ve had a busy couple of weeks between preparing for the holidays, Ed’s birthday, work events, and Ed’s mom coming to visit us last week! We had such a great time during her visit and packed a lot of different activities into the 3 days she was here for. My favorite activity was definitely the harbor cruise that we took. Ed and I haven’t really had too much time to do all of the “touristy” things around here, so it was nice to be able to learn more about the city and where everything is.Harbor CruiseThe 2 hour harbor cruise took us around the North and South bay and included a lot of information on the armed forces that are stationed around here, which was super helpful since there is such a big military presence around the city.Harbor Cruise (2)And as an added bonus, we got to see these adorable sea lions!
Seals on Harbor CruiseIn addition to Ed’s mom visiting us, we also celebrated Ed’s birthday at the beginning of the month! Since we’ve been so busy recently, he wanted a more laid back birthday, which was the perfect idea. We spent the afternoon at a brewery tour at Stone Brewery, which was pretty fun, although not as in depth as some of the other brewery tours we’ve been on.Stone Brewery TourStone SamplesAfter that, we spent a lot of the day relaxing, getting In-N-Out for lunch, and digging into this delicious Cappuccino Mousse Cake from Whole Foods for dessert! Holy yum!Whole Foods Cappuccino Mousse CakeWe have also been spending lots of time trying to make the most of the holidays. Is it just me or does the west coast not celebrate the holiday season quite as much as the east coast does? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not exactly cold over here like I’m used to, but it’s been really difficult to get into the holiday spirit.

In order to make ourselves feel more festive, we went to December nights in Balboa Park at the beginning of the month, which is basically a HUGE holiday festival that brings in hundreds of thousands of people.December NightsThere were tons of vendors there, carolers, and Santa, of course. In addition to that, all of the museums in the area were free for the night, so we took advantage of that and perused around the San Diego Natural History Museum for a while.San Diego Museum of Natural HistoryAnd we finally got our Christmas tree up earlier in the week! Better late than never, right?2014 Christmas TreeCorrina was a huge help with decorating, as always.Corrina decoratingWe fueled holiday decorating with Thai food (we’ve been on a kick recently) and lots of eggnog coffee, which I have been obsessed with lately.Eggnog CoffeeWhen I make it at home, I just put about ¼ cup of coconut milk eggnog warmed up into my coffee as if it were creamer, but I’ll admit that it’s not quite as good as the Eggnog Americano at Starbucks. Try it if you haven’t already.

So that’s basically what I’ve been up to in a nutshell!

What things have you guys been up to in the month of December?
Is it just me or does the west coast not celebrate the holidays like the east coast?

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Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

Hello and happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope your Thursday was filled with lots of yummy food, indulging, and fun times!

Since this is the first holiday I celebrated on the west coast without my family, I was a little nervous that the day just wouldn’t feel the same. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, mainly due to the copious amounts of food you get to eat, so I wanted to try to keep up with my same holiday traditions, while also throwing in some new and fun things.

Every year since I can remember, I’ve started my Thanksgiving by watching the Philly parade and New York parade simultaneously. So the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning was turn on my computer and live stream the Philly one (side note: my sister and her boyfriend were balloon holders in the parade!). While watching the parade, I began to get ready for the San Diego Run for the Hungry, a turkey trot that Ed and I were participating in located in downtown San Diego.
Ed and I at SD Run for the HungryWe decided to be super festive in order to make it more fun and Ed dressed up like a pilgrim, while I dressed up like a Native American (I know, not historically accurate, but it was just for fun!).
Me at SD Run for the Hungry^^That’s a headband with hair extensions braided into my own hair btw! I wish my hair was actually that long!

Everyone loved our costumes at the turkey trot and we got lots of compliments! Since there was a 10k and a 5k going on at the same time, there was lots of people downtown, which made the event even more fun! While smaller races can be fun, I love the energy that comes with a larger crowd!
SD Run for the Hungry Crowd
I forgot to grab breakfast before we left the house, so I fueled up with this Perfect Food bar, which was good, but a little dry.
Peanut Butter Perfect Food Bar
Since we were just running the event for fun, we took it nice and easy with our pace and had a great time. Some little girl even thought I was Pocahontas, which was so cute!
Me running at SD Run for the HungryWe ended up finishing the 5k in 31:50, which was pretty slow for us but the beginning of the race was jam packed with people and it was hard to break through the crowd.

After the 5k, there was a beer garden at a local bar for all of the runners, so we went and hung out there for a little bit while we watched the parade and drank a couple of local drafts.
The Reef BarBeer at The Reef Bar
Once we got back home, that’s when the real fun of Thanksgiving began and we started to prep all of the food.
Prepping potatoes
I’m used to eating early on Thanksgiving (like between 2 or 3), so we made everything super early and dug in for dinner #1 around 3pm.
Thanksgiving Dinner
Seriously, just look at the perfection. I want to relive this meal everyday for the rest of my life.
Cookie Butter CheesecakeOf course, dinner is nothing without dessert and we were super excited to dig into this Cookie Butter Cheesecake from TJ’s. It was as good as it sounds, trust me.

We spent the rest of the day watching movies, eating more food, and playing video games until we fell asleep. Although it was far from the Thanksgivings that I’m used to back home, I still had a great day.

How was your Thanksgiving?
What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
I love watching the parades so much for some reason!

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