Just call me MIA

Hi guys! Um, I’m going to skip the part where I apologize about being totally MIA and just get right to what I’ve been up to. Sound good? Good.
Trivia Crack in the ParkWell, let’s see. Aside from everyday life ish, I also started working full-time a few weeks ago! I told you guys before that I was doing marketing/social media part time for gym in San Diego and a few weeks ago I started working there full-time! I’m super excited about it because I really like working there and what I do. Plus, it helps that one of the perks is a free gym membership since those suckers can get pretty expensive.

On the health front, I’m still trucking along with my clean eating long after my 21 Day Challenge has been done. Since I didn’t see the results I was looking for in the first 21 days, I decided to keep going (aside from a couple of YOLO meals like on Vday and whatnot) and I am happy to report that I’ve lost 5 pounds since then! Woot woot! Summer body, here I come!
Chicken & Balsamic SaladI also recently joined Fitn, which is similar to Fitmob and ClassPass. For those of you who are not familiar with them, they basically give you access to a ton of different gyms/studios in your area for one monthly fee and you can sign up to take classes at any of the studios. I’ve been taking lots of spin classes through the app and am excited to maybe try renting some paddleboards to take out on Mission Bay through the app this weekend!

I’ve also tried out my first Barry’s Bootcamp and Orangetheory classes, which I will review for you guys in a separate post. (Hint: they’re both hard as $*#@, but one is def harder than the other.)
And here are some random pics from the last few weeks so you can see more of what I’ve been up to. Not that you care, but we’ll pretend you do since it makes me feel better about my life :).
Steak, Onions, Cauliflower MashSteak, Onions, & Cauliflower Mash <3Ed and Corrina at ParkWalks to the local park to scout out squirrels.Seaport VillageHarbor SunsetRuns around Seaport Village & the harbor while watching the sunset.Giant PandaEd at ZooFirst trip to San Diego Zoo! (FYI, we’re totally aware that Ed looks like a creep in the above picture.)Heart PancakesHeart-shaped pancake for Valentine’s Day :)

How is 2015 treating you so far? So far, so good over here!
How excited are you east coasters for Spring to be here?! It’s going to be 75 degrees here this week, so I can’t say I share in your pain. Sorry, not sorry.

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Ceramicafe & Mission Bay

Our weekends have been quite different around here recently since we can’t go out for drinks or eat out at restaurants while we’re doing our “challenge”. As much as I miss Friday night drinks and yummy food, it’s forced us to get creative with our date nights and we’ve been a lot more active overall. It’s amazing the things you can get done on a Sunday when you’re not glued to the couch with Netflix and a pizza.

Ed always has off of work on Fridays and I usually get out in the early afternoon. After he picked me up, he told me he had a fun little excursion to Ceramicafe planned. I’ve dropped hints now for several weeks/months that an activity like this would be fun, and I guess he finally picked up on my signals!
Ceramicafe 1I am by no means an artist, but I was still excited to get a little creative and paint something all by myself. I chose to paint a mug to add to my already overflowing mug collection. Ed decided to paint a spoon holder since it’s actually something we need in our kitchen. I hate putting cooking spoons down on the dirty countertop.
Ceramicafe 2What we thought would only take an hour or 2 tops actually turned into a 3-4 hour project. Apparently, we are REALLY bad at painting and it took us quite a while to figure it all out. We were both super concentrated on our projects and I think we only said about 2 words to each other the entire time.

I can’t wait to see what my mug looks like once it’s glazed though! I’ll be sure to post a pic.

After the wildness that was our Friday night, we woke up bright and early on Saturday to get in a run around Mission Bay before Ed had to go to work. Loved running here – there were lots of people out and a bunch of yoga/stroller bootcamp classes going on.
Running at Mission Bay
After we got back home, I spent much of the rest of the day like this:
Corrina on CouchOnly I was slightly more productive than Corrina and got some work done too.

On Sunday, we partook in our usual activities of grocery shopping and meal prepping. After all of that jazz was done, we headed back to Mission Bay to enjoy a bonfire and grill some skewers! It was the day for it – just warm enough for a light sweater/hoodie.
Bonfire at Mission BayWe grilled chicken skewers with peppers and onions on the bonfire and played a couple of rounds of baseball while the sun was setting.
Skewers at Mission BayBaseball at Mission BayIt was a perfect little Sunday afternoon/evening filled with lots of relaxation and preparation for the week ahead!
Sunset at Mission Bay
What did you guys do this weekend?
Favorite Sunday activity?

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21 Day Challenge Update

Well, I’m officially 2 days away from being done with my 21 Day Challenge, so I figured now would be a good time for a midway update. Okay, a week ago probably would have been a better time but, you know, life. So you’ll have to settle for this midway aka almost-entirely-done-so-I-really-should-just-wait-til-the-end-but-I’m-not-going-to recap.

The thing I was the most afraid of when I first started this challenge was that I wasn’t going to make it the entire 21 days. You see, I REALLY enjoy nachos and pizza and wine and allthecarbs. Nothing makes my soul quite as happy as having some drinks and going out to a restaurant on a Friday night to unwind from the work week. But I was determined to give it my best effort and see how it went.
Ed kissing burrito(see^ we <3 food)

Luckily for me, Ed was completely on board with this 21 Day Challenge and talked me off a ledge a couple of times (like that one time I held a Trader Joe’s enchilada sample in my hand like it was a newborn child and wanted so desperately to eat it). Without his support, I’m not quite sure I would have made it this far. It helps to have someone else to share in your misery.

I guess it is true what they say though because after a week or so of not drinking wine and eating completely clean, it wasn’t so bad anymore. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it was pleasant, but it has become like second nature for me to eat this way now and not eat every single cookie that’s placed in front of me. And, yes, I did have to say no to cookies quite a few times during this and I was quite happy with myself when I did. Or I convinced myself that I was happy. One or the other.
Shrimp, Broccoli Slaw, AvocadoFor 3 weeks, I have meal prepped consistently, drank no alcohol, ate no added sugar, had no gluten, and only ate foods that I prepared. So, after almost 3 weeks of eating clean, working out 6 days a week (cardio + strength training), and following my macro split of 30% protein/30% fat/40% carbs, I’ve lost……..ZERO pounds. Yup, you read that right. ZERO as in NONE. To say I am quite upset with that would be an understatement. Now, I know what you’re going to say: “Maybe you didn’t follow your plan as closely as you thought” or “But you probably gained muscle”. And all I have to say to the first statement is you’re stupid and I followed my plan to a freaking T, so much so that I got into a tiny argument with Ed over whether or not he gave me 4oz or 5oz of chicken at one point. And, sure, I may have gained muscle maybe, but my clothes don’t fit or feel any different whatsoever and I can’t see any visible changes in my body composition.
Macro BreakdownBodies are a tricky thing. Even though X, Y, or Z works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. A friend at my gym is doing a similar eating plan and workout regimen and she managed to lose 5 pounds during this time already (yes, I do secretly hate her for it). All of this has been a huge learning experience for me about my body and the things I’m putting into it.

So, as much as I want to shove a pizza into my mouth right now because I’m depressed that I haven’t gotten the results I was looking for, I’ve decided to extend my “challenge” for 2 more weeks. I know, 2 more weeks sans wine…who am I? But I’m going to use the time to play around with my eating habits and workout routine some more and see if I can figure out what my body likes. Maybe my body just really likes Chinese food though and it’s trying to tell me that? Who knows.
Do you get discouraged when you don’t get the results you were looking for?

How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along?

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