Our Morning Routine

Hello and happy Monday! Even though I’m sure the words “happy Monday” are an oxymoron to a lot of you, we definitely started our week out on a good foot over here!

Our mornings used to always be so hectic and rushed and we’d be racing to get out of the door in order to get to work on time. A few months ago we finally both got fed up with starting our days out with such chaos, so we now have a morning routine set in place that’s made a world of difference in making our mornings and days as a whole more peaceful and relaxed.

We began our Monday with a little family walk around the neighborhood where we discussed the important things in life: politics, religion, what I dreamt about last night, what we want to eat for breakfast…you know, the big stuff.
Morning WalkAfter we got back from our walk, we each made coffee in the Keurig (stevia & whole milk in mine, coconut sugar & whole milk in his) and drank it on the porch while talking more and taking in the quiet morning hours.
Coffee on PorchOnce we were both caffeinated and turned into fully functioning human beings again, we did this short 20 minute yoga session from Runner’s World in the living room to stretch out our sore muscles from our brick workout yesterday (3.1 mile run with the pup, followed by a 12 mile bike ride in search of iced coffee).

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to do yoga in the living room when you have an overly energetic pup who wants to play ALL THE TIME.
Corrina doing yogaNot quite sure which yoga pose she’s doing here, but I think it’s supposed to be savasana.

Post-yoga session Ed began to get ready for work, while I made both of our breakfasts. On the menu was cereal plus eggs and bacon as per usual.
Bacon & eggs on stove(The pineapple is upside down because Ed read somewhere that it helps it to ripen or something like that.)
Kashi Berry Fruitful
Walk? Check. Coffee? Check. Yoga? Check. Breakfast? Check.

Even though we have to wake up earlier in order to fit in our morning routine, it’s definitely worth it in my book. It gives us some time to relax, catch up, and spend time with the dog and each other before we begin our busy days and it’s made a world of difference in both of our moods in the morning!

How did you start your Monday morning?
Do you have a morning routine?

Oh, and I finally joined Twitter over the weekend! I know I’m about 5 years late to the party, but let’s be friends there!

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A Week of Workouts: Sept 7th-13th

Okay, so working out is supposed to make us feel strong and young and energized, right? That’s what everyone tells us and what all the studies say at least. “Exercise so you look great at 60.” “Exercise so you feel ready to take on the day.” Blah blah blah. Well, I’m calling bullshit. Quite frankly, after I exercise I want to take a nap. I’m so lethargic that 60-year-olds are flying by me as I walk down the street. And I’m so sore the next day that the stairs and me are in a constant battle that I’m pretty sure I’m never going to win.

All of this goes into saying that I’m still listening to what these so-called “experts” say and exercising on the regular, but I’m on to them. And the second the study comes out that it’s good for me to sit on my ass, I’m listening to it.

I’ve had quite the busy week workout wise and between hamstrings that are tight as anything and my body moving at the speed of a turtle, I think it’s safe to say today should be a rest day. Bring on the spoonfuls of coconut butter and old episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

Sunday – Brick Workout
New Bike Handles7.9 mile bike – 2.1 mile run – 4.9 mile bike – 1 mile run

Basically, the bike + run portion of a sprint tri just broken down into 4 parts. Breaking up the bike and run portions significantly slowed down our time because we had to lock and unlock our bikes and helmets each time we transitioned, but I also think it helped the workout to fly by a little quicker knowing that each portion was so short.

Monday – Barre
Me before barreI told you guys about my first barre experience and, while I liked it, I found it to be too expensive. Luckily, I found out that my local yoga studio has the class on Monday nights for significantly less money so I hopped on it and have been taking the class every Monday for the past month. It’s a slow burn that feels horrible during, but really good afterwards.

Tuesday – Yoga Fusion

This class is also at my yoga studio and was kind of a cross between yoga, pilates, and barre. It was my first time taking it so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I liked it, but I think I prefer to focus on yoga or pilates or barre so I get the maximum benefits from each type of class. Because the teacher was trying to fit in the 3 different components, I felt like some of the sequences were a little rushed or misplaced.

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – HIIT + Upper Body

When I do manage to make it to the gym (which is hardly ever lately), I try to utilize the treadmill to do sprints since I always feel so weird doing them in the park. Plus, I like to take advantage of the incline to do a little hill work. I did the below workout followed by some upper body strength training since my legs have taken a beating this week and were pretty sore.
Hill & Speed Treadmill WorkoutFriday – 6 mile run
9-12 6 mile runAll of my Friday mornings usually start with a 6 mile run. I like to start my weekend out on a healthy note before I fill my body with wine, fried food, and marathon couch session. My life is all about balance clearly. This run was a lot more pleasant than my usual Friday morning runs because it was cooler and less humid than it’s been all summer. Fall, is that you?!

Saturday – Rest

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus!

Favorite type of workout right now?
Anyone else excited for fall running?

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What I Ate Wednesday

Is it seriously Thursday already? Man, this week is flying by and it needs to slow down NOW. So much to do, so little time. Mind you, I can barely find the time to shower with how quickly this week is going, but somehow I can find the time to write down everything I put in my mouth yesterday. Priorities, people, priorities.

8:30am: I made Fitnessista’s No Bake Blueberry Jam Bars as part of meal prep on Sunday (two thumbs up!), so I at a slice of that alongside a Blueberry Banana Smoothie. I guess I was really in the mood for blueberries. Nom.
Blueberry Jam bar & Blueberry Banana Smoothie11:30am: Snack time! Every day sometime between 11 or 12 I eat half of an apple since it’s usually enough to keep my hunger at bay until lunch at 1.
Gala Apple
1pm: Lunch – Oh man, this was a good one! I made pulled pork burrito bowls for dinner on Tuesday night and had the leftovers for lunch yesterday. In the bowl was: brown rice medley, sauteed peppers and onions, pulled pork tenderloin, salsa, hot sauce, and guac. Who needs Chipotle?!
Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl
Followed by a piece of dark chocolate with cashew butter:
Dark Chocolate & Cashew Butter
3:30pm: Snack time again – I eat the second half of my apple each day at this time. Is it weird that I have very regimented times that I eat things? Probably.

6:30pm: Dinner – Ed typically works late a couple of nights a week, so I try to keep my dinners simple and easy on those days. This was a “Mediterranean Plate” that I threw together that had falafel atop a bed of spinach, roasted garlic hummus, and garlic naan (I realize naan is not Mediterranean, but naan > pita). It seriously hit the spot.
Mediterranean Plate
7:30pm: Piece of dark chocolate with coconut almond butter and some iced tea with lemon and stevia.

And that’s all, folks!

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What is the best thing you ate yesterday?
Do you have regimented times that you eat your meals or do you just wing it?

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