A Week of Workouts: Nov 9th-15th

I think I may have went a little too gung-ho this week with my workouts since my whole body feels like it’s dying right now. Ever since I hopped back on the fitness bandwagon, I’ve been doing a pretty good job at getting my workouts in, but haven’t been strength training as much as I was. Well, for the last 2 weeks I’ve upped that and think I may have gone a little overboard. It’s super easy for me to get my workouts in now since I work at a gym, but I think I may have been a little overly ambitious. I’ll definitely be taking it easier today and tomorrow to help with recovery!

Sunday: Beach run at Del Mar

Did I mention in my post on Monday how much I really enjoyed this run? It was 45 minutes of running at a leisurely pace on the beach barefoot and through the ocean. There were plenty of times when we ran right through the tide and it would splash up on our legs and it felt amazing. Everything about the run felt peaceful and freeing. I can’t wait to get back out there!
Del Mar CliffsAlthough I will say that running barefoot wreaked havoc on my ankles. I really should have built up to running that long barefoot.

Monday: Rest – my ankles needed it

Tuesday: Intervals + Lower Body

After a 5 minute warm up of incline walking, I alternated between 1 minute walking & 1 minute sprinting on the treadmill before I cooled down with more incline walking for 5 minutes. Once I was done I headed to the weight room and did some lower body strength training, which included: goblet squats, walking lunges w/ a kickback, squats with side leg lifts, flutter kicks, leg extensions, leg press, and hamstring curls. I really should have foam rolled after this since my legs are STILL sore.

Wednesday: Cardio + Upper Body

My new favorite thing to do for cross training is: 10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes stepmill, & 10 minutes on the rower. The time flies by so easily this way and I work a bunch of different areas. After I was done, I did some upper body strength training consisting of: bicep curls, tricep dips, hammer curls, overhead presses, chest presses, and shoulder raises.

Thursday: Power Boxing, Stepmill, & Total Body Strength training
7am BoxingI took the 7am Power Boxing class at my gym and these classes are intense to say the least. Not only do they involve boxing on the bags & shadow boxing, but we also mix in jump squats, burpees, tricep dips, pushups, running, and finish it all off with core work. Despite being completely DONE after class, I still had an hour before work so I decided to hit the stepmill for 10 minutes, then did some strength training consisting of: lat pulldowns, Bulgarian squats, weighted side leg lifts, and alternating shoulder raises.

Friday: 15 minute shake-out run + 30 minutes yoga

Like I said, my body is SHOT today. I look like an 85 year old every time I try to walk up the stairs, so I took it easy today and just did a 15 minute easy run, then did this yoga session from Runner’s World to stretch out some of my tight muscles.

Tomorrow: Rest

How did your workouts go this week?
Anyone ever taken any boxing or kickboxing classes?

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What I Ate Wednesday

I have a weird work schedule on Mondays & Wednesdays which really tends to throw a wrench into not only my life, but also my eating schedule. Because of this, I’ve been actually eating LESS on these days due to poor planning, which, if you know me, you know eating less is NOT okay with this girl. But thanks to the magic of Sunday meal prep and the masterminds at Trader Joe’s, the only thing that I actually had to “cook” all day yesterday was my breakfast, so I was able to not be starving by the time I made it home from work (p.s. I almost typed “werk” there – I’m either tired or actually think I’m werking it over here).

Here we go…

Breakfast – 9:30am: I made Carrots ‘N’ Cake “Oatmeal” Minus the Oats, which I think I may actually like better than regular oatmeal. The consistency is different and kind of weird, but I like it. I changed around the recipe a little to use 1 whole egg & 2 egg whites and didn’t have any nuts on hand, so I omitted them.
Proatmeal & TeaPlus a cup of tea.

Snack – 11:30: I wasn’t actually hungry at this point, but felt like eating something anyway. Anyone else get like this too? I ended up using these Inner Peas from Trader Joe’s as a vessel for my Laughing Cow cheese and it was a fantastic combo. Try it.
Inner Peas & Laughing CowCorrina clearly wanted in on the action too!

Lunch – 1pm: One of my go-to things to prep on Sundays is chicken & sweet potatoes since it’s such an easy combo to make. We just throw the chicken onto our Breville with some spices and slice the sweet potatoes, coat them with olive oil, salt & pepper, and pop them in the oven til they’re done.
Spicy Chicken & Sweet PotatoesWork snacks: Shortly after lunch, I headed out the door to go to work. I don’t actually start work until 3, but like to exercise there before I start. Right after my workout (cardio + upper body), I drank a protein shake of almond milk + the Chocolate Formulx that Ed got me for my birthday. Love this stuff, tastes just like chocolate milk.
Formulx & AppleAround 5pm, I got munchy again, so I attacked that apple while I was work.

Dinner – 7:30pm: By the time I get home from work, it’s so late and I’m so exhausted from the day that I don’t feel like cooking. My answer to this was to throw together these 2 plus some spinach into the microwave.
Tomato Soup & Black BeansVoila – a super easy and healthy dinner!
Smores chocolate Bar
I also polished off the last of this S’mores chocolate bar after. Mmmm!

What’s your favorite easy dinner?

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Officially a Californian?

I think I may have officially become a Californian yesterday. Okay, maybe not “officially” since I still haven’t switched my license over yet (side note: I really do need to do that but the DMV here is horrendous and you have to retake the written test and I’m certain I will fail), but you catch my drift.

I can’t seem to sleep in on the weekends anymore – 7:45am is usually my time cap – so I let Ed sleep in for a little while longer before we both got up and got dressed to go run on the beach in Del Mar. It was a beautiful day, not too hot & not too cold, so running with the ocean breeze was amazing.
Running in Del MarOur run quickly turned into a hike/obstacle course though between having to run over the rocks, dodging the tide, and running onto the cliffs to get out of the way of the water.
Avoiding WaterFinally, we both gave up trying to fight Mother Nature and just took our sneakers off, hid them behind a rock on a cliff, and ran barefoot the rest of the way. It felt amazing and freeing to run barefoot on the sand and through the ocean waves. If this is California living, then I think I’m liking it.
Runing barefoot in Del MarAfter we ran for 45 minutes, we decided it was only appropriate to cool down by running into the ocean fully clothed. You know, like all sane people would do.
In Ocean in Del MarIt was a little chilly, but so nice at the same time.
Me in ocean in Del Mar
After our run, we came back home, quickly rinsed off and changed in order to bike to the Hillcrest farmer’s market.
Riding to HillcrestWe ended up not grabbing much at the market, but biked to TJ’s after to grab our groceries for the week.
TJ's groceriesOnce we got back home, we began working on our latest project. I’ve been searching for a new TV console since we got here, but haven’t found any that fit with my vision and in our budget. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make one. I bought all of the supplies at Michael’s and Home Depot yesterday, so the rest of our day was filled with sanding, hammering, and staining.
Building Entertainment centerI’ll be sure to show it to you guys once we’re finished. I hope it turns out okay!

So, running barefoot on the beach, biking to the farmer’s market, and making our own furniture – am I officially a Californian now?

How did you spend your Sunday?

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